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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the 2018 Web Archiving and Digital Libraries Workshop



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Web Archiving and Digital Libraries Workshop (WADL 2018), June 6, 2018, Fort Worth, Texas


We surveyed various archival systems to compare and contrast different techniques used to implement an archival replay banner. We found that inline plain HTML injection is the most common approach, but prone to style conflicts. Iframe-based banners are also very common and while they do not have style conflicts, they suffer from screen real estate wastage and limited design choices. Custom Elements-based banners are promising, but due to being a new web standard, these are not yet widely deployed.


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Alam, S., Kelly, M., Weigle, M. C., & Nelson, M. L. (2018, June 6, 2018). A survey of archival replay banners [Conference Paper]. Web Archiving and Digital Libraries Workshop, Fort Worth, Texas.


0000-0002-8267-3326 (Alam), 0000-0002-0236-7389 (Kelly), 0000-0002-2787-7166 (Weigle), 0000-0003-3749-8116 (Nelson)