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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the 2018 Web Archiving and Digital Libraries Workshop



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Web Archiving and Digital Libraries Workshop (WADL 2018), June 6, 2018, Fort Worth, Texas


[First paragraph] Preservation of the Web ensures that future generations have a picture of how the web was. Web archives like Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, WebCite, and allow individuals to submit URIs to be archived, but the captures they preserve then reside at the archives. Traversing these captures in time as preserved by multiple archive sources (using Memento [8]) provides a more comprehensive picture of the past Web than relying on a single archive. Some content on the Web, such as content behind authentication, may be unsuitable or inaccessible for preservation by these organizations. Furthermore, this content may be inappropriate for the organizations to preserve due to reasons of privacy or exposure of personally identifiable information [4]. However, preserving this content would ensure an even-more comprehensive picture of the web and may be useful for future historians who wish to analyze content beyond the capability or suitability of archives created to preserve the public Web.


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Kelly, M., Alam, S., Nelson, M. L., & Weigle, M. C. (2018) Client-assisted memento aggregation using the prefer header [Conference Paper]. Web Archiving & Digital Libraries Workshop, Fort Worth, Texas.


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