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In this paper, we present the results of charged particle track reconstruction in CLAS12 using artificial intelligence. In our approach, we use neural networks working together to identify tracks based on the raw signals in the Drift Chambers. A Convolutional Auto-Encoder is used to de-noise raw data by removing the hits that do not satisfy the patterns for tracks, and second Multi-Layer Perceptron is used to identify tracks from combinations of clusters in the drift chambers. Our method increases the tracking efficiency by 50% for multi-particle final states already conducted experiments. The de-noising results indicate that future experiments can run at higher luminosity without degradation of the data quality. This in turn will lead to significant benefits for the CLAS12 physics program.


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Gavalian, G., Thomadakis, P., Angelopoulos, A., & Chrisochoides, N. (2023). Charged track reconstruction with artificial intelligence for CLAS12. Old Dominion University.


0000-0002-4299-570X (Thomadakis), 0000-0002-6498-5633 (Angelopoulos), 0000-0003-3088-0187 (Chrisochoides)