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Mathematical Problems in Engineering




Parareal is a kind of time parallel numerical methods for time-dependent systems. In this paper, we consider a general linear parabolic PDE, use optimal quadratic spline collocation (QSC) method for the space discretization, and proceed with the parareal technique on the time domain. Meanwhile, deferred correction technique is also used to improve the accuracy during the iterations. In fact, the optimal QSC method is a correction of general QSC method. Along the temporal direction we embed the iterations of deferred correction into parareal to construct a hybrid method, parareal deferred correction (PDC) method. The error estimation is presented and the stability is analyzed. To save computational cost, we find out a simple way to balance the two kinds of iterations as much as possible. We also argue that the hybrid algorithm has better system efficiency and costs less running time. Numerical experiments by multicore computers are attached to exhibit the effectiveness of the hybrid algorithm.

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Liu, J., Wang, Y., & Li, R.J. (2016). A hybrid algorithm based on optimal quadratic spline collocation and parareal deferred correction for parabolic PDEs. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 1-15. doi: 10.1155/2016/6943079