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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Digital Libraries & Knowledge Organization



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ICDK 2011: International Conference on Digital Libraries and Knowledge Organization


Internet document sharing systems such as Flickr store billions of user-contributed images. Many collections on the Web contain large numbers of multimedia objects such as images. While such systems are designed to encourage user contributions and sharing, they are not well-organized collections on any given subject and are not easy to browse for specific subject matters. We have built a system that systematically organizes a large multimedia collection into an evolving faceted classification. This paper discusses the evaluation of such a system through a number of usage studies in a university setting.

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Fu, L., Maly, K., Rasnick, E., Wu, H., & Zubair, M. (2011). User Experiments of a Social, Faceted Multimedia Classification System. Paper presented at the ICDK 2011, New Delhi, India.


0000-0003-1479-588X (Kurt Maly), 0000-0002-0394-1602 (Elizabeth Rasnick), 0000-0002-8686-8585 (Harris Wu)