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Conference Paper

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Procedia Computer Science





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5th International Conference on Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, 22-24 November 2023, Lisbon, Portugal


Digital transformation is a new trend that describes enterprise efforts in transitioning manual and likely outdated processes and activities to digital formats dominated by the extensive use of Industry 4.0 elements, including the pervasive use of cyber-physical systems to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and increase responsiveness. A new domain that intersects supply chain management and cybersecurity emerges as many processes as possible of the enterprise require the convergence and synchronizing of resources and information flows in data-driven environments to support planning and execution activities. Protecting the information becomes imperative as big data flows must be parsed and translated into actions requiring speed and accuracy. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become critical in supporting extensive data collection and real-time processing to assist decision-makers in configuring scarce resources. In this paper, we present four different applications that investigate issues related to the broader maritime supply chain security domain affecting the planning, execution, and performance of complex systems while exploring novel frontiers in cyber research and education. This paper will focus on Machine Learning and AI applications on Unmanned Aerial Systems and Cryptography related to Cybersecurity in Maritimes and Shipbuilding Spheres.

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Diaz, R., Ungo, R., Smith, K., Haghnegahdar, L., Singh, B., & Phuong, T. (2024). Applications of AI/ML in maritime cyber supply chains. Procedia Computer Science, 232, 3247-3257.


0000-0002-8637-5967 (Diaz)