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The message design and human performance technology in video games, especially early video games have always been fascinating to me. From an instructional design perspective, the capabilities of the technology of the classic game consoles required a careful balance of achievable objectives, cognitive task analysis, guided problem solving, and message design. Raiders on the Atari is an excellent example of this balance. It is an epic adventure game, spanning 13+ distinct areas, with an inventory of items, where those hard to find items had to be used by the player to solve problems during their quest (and who would have benefited from a game controller that would not be released for another nine years). I have a hard time convincing myself that Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is not one of, if not the greatest, action and adventure movies ever made. It is fitting that a movie that has a special place in history should have a related video game that also shares a special place in history. I hope that this guide helps you enjoy this classic!



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Summer 7-10-2022


Hampton, VA


Instructional design, Message design, Video game design, Atari, Raisers of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones


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The Message Design of Raiders of the Lost Ark on the Atari 2600 & A Fan’s Map, Quick Start, and Strategy Guide