A selection of publications from faculty and staff in the Office of Distance Learning, Old Dominion University.


Submissions from 2023


Community College Presidents and Campus Safety: Perspectives on Critical Issues, Chad C. Sartini, Dennis E. Gregory, Kim E. Bullington, Mitchell Williams, Joshua Howell, William L. Nuckols, and Minghui Hou

Submissions from 2020


Enhancing Instructor Credibility and Immediacy in the Design of Distance Learning Systems and Virtual Classroom Environments, Miguel Ramlatchan and Ginger S. Watson

Submissions from 2019


Well Begun is Half Done: Using Online Orientation to Foster Online Students' Academic Self-Efficacy, M'hammed Abdous

Submissions from 2018


Measuring Presence: A Review of Research Using the Community of Inquiry Instrument, Ana E. Redstone, Jill E. Stefaniak, and Tian Luo


All Hands on Deck: How One University Pooled Resources to Educate and Advocate for Affordable Course Content, Lucinda Rush, Leo S. Lo, M'hammed Abdous, and Deri Draper

Submissions from 2017


Immersive Telepresence and Student Perceptions of Instructor Credibility and Immediacy, Miguel Ramlatchan

Submissions from 2015


Performance of Dental Hygiene Students in Mass Fatality Training and Radiographic Imaging of Dental Remains, Tara L. Newcomb, Ann M. Bruhn, Loreta H. Ulmer, and Norou Diawara

Submissions from 2014


Connecting with the Caribbean, Sueanne McKinney, Linda Irwin-Devitis, Brenda Scanelli, Sharon Thomas, Andrew Casiello, and Heather Huling

Submissions from 2013


Security Risks and Protection in Online Learning: A Survey, Yong Chen and Wu He

Submissions from 2012


Using Data Mining for Predicting Relationships between Online Question Theme and Final Grade, M'hammed Abdous, Wu He, and Cherng-Jyh Yen

Submissions from 2009


Implementing an Enterprise Information System to Reengineer and Streamline Administrative Processes in a Distance Learning Unit, M'hammed Abdous and Wu He

Submissions from 2008


A Framework for Process Reengineering in Higher Education: A Case Study of Distance Learning Exam Scheduling and Distribution, M'hammed Abdous and Wu He

Submissions from 2005


Creating the Online Learning Community for Distributed Education Doctoral Programs, Miguel Ramlatchan