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Journal of Materials Research and Technology








The optimum cutting parameters such as cutting depth, feed rate, cutting speed and magnitude of the cutting force for A356 T6 was determined concerning the microstructural detail of the material. Novel test analyses were carried out, which include mechanical evaluation of the materials for density, glass transition temperature, tensile and compression stress, frequency analysis and optimisation as well as the functional analytic behaviour of the samples. The further analytical structure of the particle was performed, evaluating the surface luminance structure and the profile structure. The cross-sectional filter profile of the sample was extracted, and analyses of Firestone curve for the Gaussian filter checking the roughness and waviness profile of the structure on aluminium alloy A356T6 is proposed. A load cell dynamometer was used to measure different parameters with the combination of a conditioning signal system, a data acquisition system and a computer with visualised software. This allowed recording the variations of the main cutting force throughout the mechanised pieces under different cutting parameters. A carbide inserted tool with triangular geometry was used. The result shows that the lowest optimum cutting force is 71.123 N at 75 m/min cutting speed, 0.08 mm/rev feed rate and a 1.0 mm depth of cut. The maximum optimum cutting force for good surface finishing is 274.87 N which must be at a cutting speed of 40 m/min, 0.325 mm/rev feed rate and the same 1.0 mm depth of cut.


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Oladapo, B. I., Zahedi, S. A., Omigbodun, F. T., Oshin, E. A., Adebiyi, V. A., & Malachi, O. B. (2019). Microstructural evaluation of aluminium alloy A365 T6 in machining operation. Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 8(3), 3213-3222. doi:10.1016/j.jmrt.2019.05.009