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Plasma, the fourth and most pervasive state of matter in the visible universe, is a fascinating medium that is connected to the beginning of our universe itself. Man-made plasmas are at the core of many technological advances that include the fabrication of semiconductor devices, which enabled the modern computer and communication revolutions. The introduction of low temperature, atmospheric pressure plasmas to the biomedical field has ushered a new revolution in the healthcare arena that promises to introduce plasma-based therapies to combat some thorny and long-standing medical challenges. This paper presents an overview of where research is at today and discusses innovative concepts and approaches to overcome present challenges and take the field to the next level. It is written by a team of experts who took an in-depth look at the various biomedical applications, made critical analysis, and proposed ideas and concepts that should help the research community focus their efforts on clear and practical steps necessary to keep the field advancing for decades to come.

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Mounir, L., Sander, B., Annemie, B.,... Dayuan, Y., Kostya , O., & Stephan, R. (2021): Low temperature plasma for biology, hygiene, and medicine: Perspective and roadmap. TechRxiv. 1-33.


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