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International Particle Accelerator Conference (12th), 24-28, May 2021, Campinas, SP, Brazil


High-energy nuclear physics experiments at the Jefferson Lab Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) require highly spin-polarization electron beams, produced from strained super-lattice GaAs photocathodes, activated to negative electron affinity in a photogun operating at 130 kV dc. A pair of Wien filter spin rotators in the injector defines the orientation of the electron beam polarization at the end station target. An upgrade of the CEBAF injector to better support the upcoming MOLLER experiment requires increasing the electron beam energy to 200 keV, to reduce unwanted helicity correlated intensity and position systematics and provide precise control of the polarization orientation. Our contribution describes design, fabrication and testing of the high voltage system to upgrade the Wien spin rotator to be compatible with the 200 keV beam. This required Solidworks modeling, CST and Opera electro- and magnetostatic simulations, upgrading HV vacuum feedthroughs, and assembly techniques for improving electrode alignment. The electric and magnetic fields required by the Wien condition and the successful HV characterization under vacuum conditions are also presented.


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Palacios-Serrano, G., Baumgart, H., Hernández-García, C., ... Poelker, M., Stutzman, M., & Suleiman, R. (2021). High voltage design and evaluation of Wien filters for the CEBAF 200 keV injector upgrade. International Particle Accelerator Conference (12th), 24-28, May 2021, Campinas, SP, Brazil.


0000-0002-5331-6127 (Palacios-Serrano)