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Communications in Computational Physics








The effect of the thickness of the dielectric boundary layer that connects a material of refractive index n1 to another of index n2is considered for the propagation of an electromagnetic pulse. A qubit lattice algorithm (QLA), which consists of a specially chosen non-commuting sequence of collision and streaming operators acting on a basis set of qubits, is theoretically determined that recovers the Maxwell equations to second-order in a small parameter ϵ. For very thin boundary layer the scattering properties of the pulse mimics that found from the Fresnel jump conditions for a plane wave - except that the transmission to incident amplitudes are augmented by a factor of √n2/n1. As the boundary layer becomes thicker one finds deviations away from the Fresnel conditions and eventually one approaches the expected WKB limit. However there is found a small but unusual dip in part of the transmitted pulse that persists in time. Computationally, the QLA simulations still recover the solutions to Maxwell equations even when this parameter ϵ → 1. On examining the pulse propagation in medium n1, ϵ corresponds to the dimensionless speed of the pulse (in lattice units).


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Vahala, G., Vahala, L., null, A. R., & Soe, M. (2023, 2023-06-01). The effect of the width of the incident pulse to the dielectric transition layer in the scattering of an electromagnetic pulse — a qubit lattice algorithm simulation. Communications in Computational Physics, 33(1), 22-38.