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Spinal surgical procedures often require release of intervertebral discs and ligaments to optimally achieve postural correction on a patient-specific basis. In this paper, a T7-T8 Finite Element (FE) model is utilized to examine internal load sharing during resection steps performed in a Ponte osteotomy. The FE model was rotated bidirectionally along three anatomical planes using an externally applied moment. In each step, the Ranges of Motion (RoM), Instantaneous Centers of Rotation (ICR), and forces from ligaments, discs, facet, and costovertebral joints were calculated. The product of each component’s force and the distance between the ICR and their position were used to calculate percent load sharing at the maximum moment magnitude. Removal of the facet joints accounts for overall significant increases in load sharing to the intervertebral disc, with maximum values reported in extension by approximately 18 percent and axial rotation by 16 percent. This study highlights key spine components whose kinematic influence may be considered to achieve desired surgical outcomes.


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Polanco, M., Bennett, J., Tapp, A., Audette, M., Ringleb, S., & Bawab, S. (2022). Load sharing assessment of osseoligamentous structures within a thoracic spine segment during surgical release. Research Square.