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This document is our final report describing the research activities carried out under AFOSR Grant FA9550-06-1-0004. First, descriptions of our cold plasma generation systems are presented. Two systems, developed with past and present AFOSR support, are available in our laboratory. The first is a pulsed device capable of emitting a cold plasma plume in room air. The second is an air plasma generator the core of which is a dielectric barrier discharge excited by a high AC voltage. Following these brief descriptions we first present the effects of an atmospheric pressure air plasma on four different types of eukaryotic microalgae. Effects on the viability, motility, and morphology of the cells are presented and discussed. Second, we report on the results regarding the effect of plasma on a multi-cellular organism (planaria), to see if plasma alters in any way its growth after suffering a wound. Our preliminary conclusion is that plasma has no apparent negative effect on the cells regeneration process. We then report on our latest work regarding the characteristics of the plume generated by the Plasma Pencil. Finally, we report preliminary results on the effects of direct exposure of plasma to oral borne bacteria. This can lead to applications in dentistry.


Final report for Grant FA9550-06-1-0004 from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

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Laroussi, M., Dobbs, F.C., & Old Dominion University. (2009). Effects of non-equilibrium plasma on eukaryotic cells (Final report: Grant FA9550-06-1-0004) Air Force Office of Scientific Research.