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This is the second State of the Commonwealth Report produced by the Center for Economic Analysis and Policy at Old Dominion University. It is jointly sponsored by ODU's Strome College of Business and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. While the report represents the work of many people connected in various ways to the university, it does not constitute an official viewpoint of Old Dominion, or it's president, John R. Broderick. Similarly, it does not represent the views of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce or it's president, Barry DuVal.

The report maintains the goal of stimulating thought and discussion that ultimately will make Virginia an even better place to live, work, and do business. We are proud of the Commonwealth's many successes, but realize that it is possible to improve our performance. In order to do so, we must have accurate information about "where we are" and a sound understanding of the policy options open to us.

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Center for Economic Analysis and Policy, Old Dominion University


Norfolk, VA


Transition of Virginia economy, Northern Virginia, Turning the corner, Hotel industry in the Commonwealth, Automation, Broadband in Virginia, Stock car racing in Virginia


Business | Economics

2016 State of the Commonwealth Report