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There is a growing concern about students entering college only to drop out or change majors after a semester or more of study. There are multiple reasons for this including personal reasons that may have nothing to do with academics, of course, but sometimes students switch to different majors because they feel that their original choice is too difficult after not doing well in the required introductory courses. Training in self-regulated learning (SRL) strategies may enable students to gain the skills necessary (e.g., making goals, planning, organization) to succeed in gateway courses that have a minimum grade requirement. These behaviors allow students to be active contributors to their learning, and to have control over achieving their goals. SRL also requires that a learner have some kind of control over how they learn, what kinds of methods to use, or even their environment, otherwise, the student may still learn, but the outcomes are determined by external factors. Selfregulation skills can be taught and utilized in different contexts. Once a learner develops the skills of SRL they can choose to put them to use in those contexts. **Treatment: Students will be assigned to one of two groups, receiving either “Evidence based study strategies” or “Metacognitive strategies”. Following receipt of video and pdf, students will be asked to upload a brief assignment related to the strategy presented. Students will be asked to complete a brief survey following the final assignment. Questions asked: Do students rate the utility-value of SRL strategies higher than Study strategies?Do students rate the effectiveness of SRLstrategies higher than Study strategies? Do students rate the effort-cost of SRL strategies lower than Study strategies?



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Self-regulated Learning Strategies vs Evidence-based Study Strategies



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