Date of Award

Spring 5-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educ Foundations & Leadership


Higher Education

Committee Director

Chris R. Glass

Committee Member

Mitchell R. Williams

Committee Member

Jennifer N. Fish

Committee Member

Gerardo L. Blanco


This study aimed to explore the internal quality assurance and accreditation (QAA) policy at University X in Afghanistan. A single case study and document review methods were chosen to examine the policy implementation process and its perceived effectiveness at a single university. This case study also explored faculty members' perceptions toward QAA, the policy's impact on teaching and learning, and the opportunities and challenges it might offer. The findings of the study produced unexpected and expected results. The expected findings were tailored around social relationships, labor division, the hierarchy of labor, incompatibility of the policy, and their impact on the implementation process. The common findings tapped more directly into the research questions: the policy's perceived effectiveness on teaching and learning, the faculty members' capacity to implement it, and the future of the policy. Many participants did not believe that the approach had enhanced teaching and learning methods. Some stated that QAA had demotivated students from learning and teachers from teaching. The only sub-group that showed a positive reaction was QAA advocates involved with the Ministry of Higher Education regarding QAA implementation.


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