Date of Award

Fall 2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Foundations & Leadership


Educational Psychology and Program Evaluation

Committee Director

Linda Bol

Committee Member

Joanna Garner

Committee Member

Tony Perez


This study investigated the impact of training in self-regulated learning on community college, geoscience students’ achievement, metacognition, time management, and science motivation scales. The study also investigated the impact of SRL training on these outcomes as a function of gender and ethnicity. During the Fall of 2022, 70 community college geoscience students from 9 different classes participated in the study. The classes were bifurcated with one half of the students in each class randomly assigned to the SRL treatment and the other half to the control condition. Each week, for 10 weeks during the semester, students in the treatment group utilized a component from each of the three phases of Zimmerman’s (2002) cyclical self-regulated learning model as one of their geoscience class assignments. At the beginning of the week students in the treatment group would set instructional goals and create a calendar that included class time, study time, work, and relaxation time. During the week the same students would monitor their class attendance and study practices. At the end of the week, students would reflect on whether they attained their goals set at the beginning of the week and reflect on the reasons for their success or failure. As an alternate activity students in the control group were assigned to write a brief summary of a famous geoscientist’s biography. All students’ final exam and final course grades were examined to determine the impact of SRL training on science achievement. Study participants completed a questionnaire containing metacognition, time management, and science motivation items. No significant differences were found between students in the SRL treatment and those in the control group.


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