Date of Award

Summer 2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Foundations & Leadership

Committee Director

Chris R. Glass

Committee Member

Tony Perez

Committee Member

Rachawan Wongtrirat


The study aims to investigate the relationship between international students’ satisfaction with educational service augmenters and their academic, social, and personal-emotional adjustment to U.S. institutions. Furthermore, this study compared different influences on international students’ adjustment, with a focus on students’ satisfaction with educational service augmenters as well as the traditional predictors (i.e., English fluency, friendships with American peers, and institutional attitude towards the international student population). The researcher sampled participants from institutions across the United States by sending an email invitation and survey link to complete the International Students’ Satisfaction and Adjustment Instrument. Hierarchical Multiple Regression analyses were utilized to examine the relationship among these variables. Implementation and potential limitations of this study were discussed.


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