Date of Award

Fall 2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Foundations & Leadership

Committee Director

Karen L. Sanzo

Committee Member

Jonna L. Bobzien

Committee Member

William Owings


The No Child Left Behind Act was enacted to improve low performing schools. One of the proposed answers to the problem was that all schools would have “highly qualified” teachers, especially in the subjects of mathematics and science. This study was aimed at helping school administrators retain their highly qualified mathematics teachers in their urban schools. The topic for this study was seeking to understand the factors related to school administrators retaining highly qualified mathematics teachers at the secondary level. Therefore, my study examined the lens of leadership factors that related to the retention of secondary mathematics teachers. The study took place in Hampton Roads Virginia. Administrator interviews helped me to get a small snap shot of their actual experiences in how those experiences pertained to teacher retention. An in-depth conversation with the participants included; (a) current practicing principal’s/assistant principal’s insights and experiences pertaining to culture and climate of their schools, their philosophy and approach for supporting all new teachers and new mathematics teachers; (b) major obstacles that these new teachers face during their first years; (c) characteristics of highly qualified teachers, retention of mathematics teachers and its effect on a school or department; (d) and factors that influence mathematics teachers to stay or leave the teaching profession.