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10.32674/jcihe.v14i3 (Part 1).4090

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Journal of Comparative & International Higher Education




3 Part 1




The disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic have both short- and long-term repercussions on higher education. To crystallize these impacts in a sector that was particularly vulnerable to the economic effects of the pandemic, this mixed methods study explores the intersection of international education and community college responses to the pandemic. Findings indicated that due to the pandemic, community college international education programs faced a reallocation of institutional resources, both financial and otherwise, which shapes the educational opportunities available to students and informs the institutional habitus of the US community college. This study’s findings have implications in the areas of international student recruitment, limitationss to higher education access, and impacts on local and regional communities.


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Fischer, H., & Whatley, M. (2022). Pandemic repercussions: The future of international education at US community colleges. Journal of Comparative & International Higher Education, 14(3 Part 1), 88-103.