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Journal of the Operational Research Society




Simulation modelling is applied to a wide range of problems, including defense and healthcare. However, there is a concern within the simulation community that there is a limited use and implementation of simulation studies in practice. This suggests that despite its benefits, simulation may not be reaching its potential in making a real-world impact. The main reason for this could be that simulation tools are not widely accessible in industry. In this paper, we investigate the issues that affect simulation modelling accessibility through a workshop with simulation practitioners. We use Strategic Options Development and Analysis (SODA), a problem-structuring approach that allows for the stakeholder views to be expressed and linked in a systematic way. The causal map derived represents the emerging concepts and their effects, with the view to identifying their impact on the accessibility problem. We present our analysis of the issues and options identified. Based on our findings, we discuss the implications and recommendations for the future uptake of simulation.


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Collins, A. J., Thaviphoke, Y., & Tako, A. A. (2022). Using Strategic Options Development and Analysis (SODA) to understand the simulation accessibility problem. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 1-22.