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International Journal of Cyber Diplomacy






This paper examines the applicability of Complex System Governance (CSG) to advance the Critical Space Infrastructure field (CSI). CSI encompasses space related hardware, workforce, environment, facilities, and businesses that are necessary for societal well-being. CSI is increasing in importance as more societal serving systems are becoming dependent on CSI to operate. Given this increasing dependence on CSI, societal sectors are increasingly at risk should something go wrong with CSI upon which they depend. CSI has been developing is a fragmented way and lacks coherent organization. CSG is focused on design, execution, and evolution of system functions that provide for communications, control, coordination, and integration of complex systems. CSG provides structure and order to complex systems through a rigorous grounding in systems theory (the axioms and propositions that govern behavior, performance, and structure of complex systems), management cybernetics (the science of organizational structure), and system governance (focused on provision of direction, oversight, and accountability). In this paper the intersection of CSI and CSG is explored with respect to the value that can accrue to both fields through their intersection and joint development. The opportunities that lie at the intersection of these fields are examined. This paper concludes the exploration with a discussion of the implications for movement forward in bringing the value offered by CSG to the governance of space-based critical infrastructures.


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Gheorghe, A. V., Pyne, J. C., Sisti, J., Keating, C. B., Polinpapilinho, F. K., & Edmonson, W. (2023). Critical space infrastructure: A complex system governance perspective. International Journal of Cyber Diplomacy, 4, 15-28.