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Conference Paper

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Proceedings of the 2016 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference



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2016 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, May 21-24, 2016, Anaheim, California


This paper examines contributions of Complex System Governance (CSG) as an integrating construct for the emerging fields of critical cyber-physical systems (CPS). CPS is concerned with physical entities that are controlled by computational elements. The field is relatively new, emerging, and also somewhat fragmented in development. There are multiple agencies, entities, and activities being undertaken to address a nexus of emerging issues (e.g., cybersecurity) in critical infrastructures. However, the development of critical CPS, as a field, albeit with good intentions and efforts, appears to be largely ‘self-organizing.’ In response, we suggest CSG as an organizing construct capable of provided a greater degree of cohesion - in essence suggesting that CPS field development as a ‘purposeful system’ within the CSG construct. CSG is taken as a means to provide for design, execution, and evolution of ‘metasystem’ functions necessary to provide for communication, control, and coordination, and integration in critical CPS. First, we introduce critical CPS, emphasizing current domination of self-organization as the driving force in developing viable CPS. Second, we introduce CSG as a construct that can introduce more purposeful organization to the emerging field with the potential to accelerate and integrate development


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0000-0002-2213-4929 (Katina), 0000-0001-9452-9105 (Keating), 0000-0003-2830-675X (Gheorghe)

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Katina, P. F., Keating, C. B., & Gheorghe, A. V. (2016). Cyber-physical systems: Complex system governance as an integrating construct [Conference paper]. 2016 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Anaheim, California.