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IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings


10 pp.

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2011 Industrial Engineering Research Conference, May 21-25, 2011, Reno, Nevada


The role that input factors from project planning processes play on conflict emergence and conflict resolution in virtual teams is not well understood. Of particular interest for this paper is the role that factors during planning stages play in preventing interpersonal conflict, supporting conflict resolution and ultimately enhancing team outcomes in virtual team settings. This study examines the relationships among commitment to team goals, conflict management and team outcomes in virtual teams. First we provide an in depth review of relevant empirical findings. Next, we describe a study examining the relationships between three sets of variables: 1) goal commitment, 2) conflict management and cohesiveness, and 3) team outcomes (performance and attitudinal) in the context of virtual teams. Data were collected from 30 teams that were part of four cohorts of an Engineering Management course. This study provides some preliminary evidence that conflict management moderated the relationships between goal commitment and team outcomes. We found that high levels of conflict management enhanced the positive effects of goal commitment on perceived team performance, suggesting that use of effective conflict management can be an especially supportive element in the context of virtual teams. Last, limitations and suggestions for future research are presented.


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Pazos, P., Ustun, A., & DelAguila, R. (2011). The role of conflict management on virtual team performance and satisfaction. In T. Doole & E. Van Aken (Eds.), IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (pp. 1-10). Institute of Industrial Engineers.