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Journal of Simulation


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Integrating human behavior into agent-based models has been challenging due to its diversity. An example is strategic coalition formation, which occurs when an individual decides to collaborate with others because it strategically benefits them, thereby increasing the expected utility of the situation. An algorithm called ABMSCORE was developed to help model strategic coalition formation in agent-based models. The ABMSCORE algorithm employs hedonic games from cooperative game theory and has been applied to various situations, including refugee egress and smallholder farming cooperatives. This paper discusses ABMSCORE, including its mechanism, requirements, limitations, and application. To demonstrate the potential of ABMSCORE, a new application example is given, which is based on a complex version of the Thomas Schellings segregation model. The intent of the paper is to provide the potential user with enough information so that they can apply ABMSCORE to their simulation products.


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0000-0002-8012-2272 (Collins), 0000-0002-8567-9643 (Grigoryan)

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Collins, A. J., & Grigoryan, G. (2024). ABMSCORE: A heuristic algorithm for forming strategic coalitions in agent-based simulation. Journal of Simulation. Advance online publication.