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Conference Paper

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1999 ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings



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ASEE 1999 Annual Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, June 20-23, 1999


New faculty are confronted with a barrage of information reiterating the importance of performance in the "big three" areas: teaching, service, and research / publications. From the provost to the department head, an untenured faculty member faces strong and sometimes conflicting pressures to become involved in activities ranging from committee assignments to participation in department or university research programs. Often these opportunities come with little guidance, advice, or obvious linkage to long term success in the three pillar areas and ultimately tenure. New faculty are confronted with a complex decision problem for which there is unstructured information available to develop a solution. This paper presents a strategic and structured decision process for choosing service, teaching, and research opportunities to achieve results for the tenure process. First, this paper discusses the use of strategic planning methods to develop a focused, personal statement of research and teaching interests. In the framework of this strategic research and teaching statement, a Quality Function Deployment (QFD) approach is then developed to rate and identify opportunities that have the highest impact on tenure objectives. The paper promotes a structured career planning process that minimizes non-focused effort, and provides a foundation for future success.


© 1999 American Society for Engineering Education, ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, Charlotte, North Carolina, June 20-23, 1999.

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Kauffmann, P., Fernandez, A., & Keating, C. (1999). A QFD decision model for selecting service, teaching, and research opportunities. Paper presented at the 1999 ASEE Annual Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina.