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IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings



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IIE Annual Conference


The present paper explores the technology transfer linkages among universities, research centers, and private companies in Yucatan, Mexico's information technology industry. Social network analysis (SNA) was used as a method to identify the structural characteristics of the technology transfer collaborations, and the changes in the patterns of interactions among institutions over the years. Data were obtained from the National Council for Science and Technology repository (CONACYT). Associations formed to enhance technology advancement and innovation practices between 2010 and 2018 were analyzed in this study. Network transitivity, the patterns of triadic configurations, and heterophily were compared to uncover the evolution of the innovation and technology transfer network of Yucatan, Mexico. Results indicate that the number of transitive triads has increased significantly since 2012, suggesting that a greater number of firms are networking with more than one university or research center. The degree of homophily showed a decreasing trend, mainly as a result of the increment in the proportion of associations among universities and research centers. This study aims to provide insights into the technology transfer network dynamics over the past decade that can support future efforts to enhance innovation and technology development in technology-based industries in the region.


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Cima, F., Pazos, P., & Canto, A. M. (2021). The technology transfer network dynamic in the information technology industry of Yucatan, Mexico. IIE Annual Conference.Proceedings, 151-156.