On Teacher Neutrality: Politics, Praxis, and Performativity


On Teacher Neutrality: Politics, Praxis, and Performativity



On Teacher Neutrality explores the consequences of ideological arguments about teacher neutrality in the context of higher education. It is the first edited collection to focus exclusively on this contentious concept, emphasizing the practical possibilities and impossibilities of neutrality in the teaching of writing, the deployment of neutrality as a political motif in the public discourse shaping policy in higher education, and the performativity of individual instructors in a variety of institutional contexts. The collection provides clarity on the contours around defining “neutrality,” depth in understanding how neutrality operates differently in various institutional settings, and nuance in the levels and degrees of neutrality—or what is meant by it—in the teaching of writing.

Higher education itself and its stakeholders are continually exploring the role of teachers in the classroom and the extent to which it is possible or ethical to engage in neutrality. Amplifying voices from teachers in underrepresented positions and institutions in discussions of teacher ideology, On Teacher Neutrality shapes the discourse around these topics both within the writing classroom and throughout higher education. The book offers a rich array of practices, pedagogies, and theories that will help ground instructors and posits a way forward toward better dialogue and connections with the various stakeholders of higher education in the United States. [Amazon.com]



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On Teacher Neutrality: Politics, Praxis, and Performativity

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