Date of Award

Summer 8-2022

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Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Director

Kristi Murray Costello

Committee Member

Kevin DePew

Committee Member

Ruth Osorio


Although the current definition exists at the intersection of critical pedagogy, disability studies, critical race theory, critical embodiment pedagogy, feminism, cultural rhetoric, expressivism, and queer theory, as it stands now, radical inclusive pedagogy has few, if any, identifiable, distinctive qualities of its own. The pedagogies and theories from which radically inclusive pedagogy draws from speak to the mind, the body, and the spirit separately, or will focus on two aspects while neglecting the third. As I envision it for the classroom practice I have designed and would like others to adopt, radically inclusive pedagogy addresses the mind (embracing students’ knowledge, cultures, and languages), the body (recognizing the need for accessibility and individualistic inclusion), and the spirit (offering compassion and understanding) and has the potential to respond to contemporary concerns of accessibility, language, racism, and multiculturalism that affect every classroom. This project intends to not only fill in the gaps where the definition and praxis for radically inclusive pedagogy lack but also demonstrate how this pedagogy looks within the classroom every day with an emphasis on addressing language in the classroom.


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