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Spring 5-2021

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)




Creative Writing

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Kent Wascom

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John McManus

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Delores B. Phillips


The following thesis contains the first three narrative movements from the working novel Don’t Destroy Yourself. The novel focuses on Paul, our first-person narrator, who must confront his mental illness (Bipolar I) directly after learning his wife is pregnant. The novel itself takes the therapeutic form of a series of dead letters – letters never meant to be sent to, or read by, the addressee – recounting Paul making sense of his mental illness to his unborn child. Don’t Destroy Yourself’s primary goal with this novel is to produce a piece of representation narrative that discusses a lived experience of Bipolar I honestly and unflinchingly. A secondary goal of Don’t Destroy Yourself is to provide solace and a feeling of communal belonging to those who may be going through a diagnosis period, manic period, or period of cycling thought.



Available for download on Thursday, November 20, 2031

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