Date of Award

Fall 2017

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Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Director

Kevin Moberly

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Marc Ouellette

Committee Member

Delores Philips


Presenting a framework for videogame agency based on relationships, the constraints on those relationships, and their context, an examination of the representations of ethos and karma, agency models, and interfaces in the Fallout series is shown. Reviewing ethos through its historical and quantifications across the games, the presentations of the Reputation and “Karma” systems across the games are examined as affecting player choice in different ways. Building across agency models and past scholarship, a temporal framework for agency is considered and applied to a case study of Fallout 3 (2008). Closing the framework through positioning actions as happening within layers of interfaces in videogames and as “in-between” choices and their outcomes, the Fallout series is portrayed as an exemplar of how this framework might appear in other videogames.



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Rhetoric Commons