Date of Award

Spring 2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



Committee Director

Tim Seibles

Committee Member

Luisa Igloria

Committee Member

Elizabeth Vincelette


Safe Passage to the End of Earth is representative of my work as a poet and my ideas about the world. It’s broken down into four sections that approach the world from different perspectives. Each section reflects my interests mostly independent of one another, though they connect thematically. The order of the sections, and the order of the poems within the sections, reflects what I felt was the strongest sense of motion from one idea to the next, beginning with a poem that touches on many of the themes in a single page and moving through politics, history, religion, and space in a neatly-ordered progression. There are few deviations from these primary themes, and where they exist, I’ve tried to place them where they fit best. For example, “Discovering Mortality” isn’t explicitly religious, but I felt that it belonged in “Some Unanswered Prayers” because it dealing with mortality is often a religious experience. Safe Passage to the End of Earth also represents my work because it showcases various forms, from short free-verse lines of “Discovering Mortality” to the sestina, “The Literalist’s Bible”, with few repeats in structure. There are two sonnets. Otherwise, the structure of the poems in the manuscript varies. While the subject matter of these poems are tailored to my interests, I hope that readers can find something compelling in them.


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