Date of Award

Spring 1993

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Director

William Patrick

Committee Member

Philip Raisor


Yellow Ribbons is a feature-film screenplay that dramatizes various aspects of the Persian Gulf War. The hero of the story, Lieutenant Jason Hart, a talented but quixotic naval fighter pilot, participates in one of the last allied offensive military actions: the bombing of the retreating Iraqi army. Jake suffers a crisis of conscience in the climactic moment of the bombing and decides that he cannot continue to serve the navy as a fighter pilot. The story then shifts from the Persian Gulf to the United States. There Jake encounters a new set of obstacles as he struggles with his experience in the war. The most important of these obstacles include his crumbling marriage and his quest to tell the truth about the war. Jake is successful in the latter endeavor, but the price he pays is quite high.