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Turnings: Writing on Women's Transformations




(First paragraph) Until quite recently, I dismissed criticisms of "angry femini sts" as a sexist stereotype. I was tired of hearing people say, "I believe in equal pay for equal work, but I dislike those bra-burning feminists!" Perhaps I'm too young, but almost all of my friends are feminists, and I have yet to meet anyone who has burned her bra, so this comment always strikes me as bizarre. However, recently I have begun to think seriously about the power of stereotypes and the ability of people to disregard messages they do not want to hear. I now realize that feminists need to be careful not to unnecessarily reinforce the angry feminist stereotype if they hope to be heard.


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Bing, J. (2000). Why are those women so angry? In L. Igloria & R. Olander (Eds.), Turnings: Writing on Women's Transformations (pp. 80-83). Norfolk, VA: Friends of Women's Studies.