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Where We Find Ourselves: Jewish Women Around the World Write About Home




(First paragraph) Every year after Yorn Kippur, my husband Norman and I try to bring together the pieces of our sukkah, our temporary home for a week, a reminder of our frailty as Jews. Every year we wonder where we had last stored the metal frame, the bamboo roof, and the decorations. Every year we wonder about the weather. Will we have to dodge the raindrops and the wind once again this year for a quick bracha before eating inside? Will our sukkah stand up? Will there be a hurricane?

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Goldin, Farideh Dayanim, (2009). "My Iranian Sukkah" in M. Ben-Joseph and D. N. Rosen (Eds.), Where we find ourselves: Jewish women around the world write about home (pp. 225-234). New York: SUNY.