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Ways of Knowing: Essays on Marge Piercy




Marge Piercy's novel Small Changes is encyclopedic in its incredibly detailed, all-encompassing feminist analysis of female and male behavior in the late 60's and early 70's. The behavior of the younger generation is compared and contrasted with that of their parents. The overall impression given by the novel is that, despite the very different life-styles of the two generations, very little change has, in fact, occurred. At the end of the novel, sexism prevails and no significant threat to male control of the power structure has developed. From examination of the title, Piercy seems to place her emphasis not upon the changes but upon the "small" impact those changes have had.

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Bazin, N. T. (1991). Marge Piercy's Small Changes: Welcome to the sexual revolution. In S. Walker & E. Hamner (Eds.), Ways of knowing: Essays on Marge Piercy (pp. 27-38). Negative Capability.