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Disease in Digital Games: Theories, Topics, Analyses




Resident Evil 7, in articulating the threat of infectious mold, situates the illness with the feminine: Historical, cultural, and physiological connections between mold and women gives the game license to limit, objectify, and render the female characters monstrous. First-person immersion brings us into contact with the infection, as mold and Molded threaten the buildings of the Bakers, while mold growing in their brains threatens the Bakers themselves. Through the form of infection, the disease is invasively feminine, reflected in the Bakers and their homes.

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McGreevy, Alan, Christina Fawcett, & Marc A. Ouellette. “The House and the Infected Body: The Metonomy of Resident Evil 7.” Disease in Digital Games: Theories, Topics, Analyses, edited by Arno Görgen and Stefan Heinrich Simond, Lit-Verlag, 2020, pp. 254-275.