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Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture






1-5 pp.


This issue is a wonderful compilation of truly excellent essays. I can assure readers that I have read and appreciated them. Indeed, several of them came through my inbox during various stages of preparation and it is encouraging to see such a healthy roster of scholarly contributions. I wish I were able to do them justice. Please read them. Enjoy them. The work alone should give us hope. People are thinking critically and responding creatively. This in and of itself is a good thing. What follows, then, is a call for more good things. It is part response, part self-directed speech, part thought experiment, part call for action, part apology and part polemic. At its heart, though, is a gaping, festering lemma and a refusal to understand a culture’s collective refusal to learn, even in the face of twenty children—babies, really, no bigger than my own—being slaughtered senselessly. The refusal to learn is the one thing educators probably are least prepared to deal with among their students. I thought I’d give it a try.


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Ouellette, M. (2013). Editor's Introduction: "Making sense of the senseless: A case for the insufficiency of theory and hermeneutics." Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, 12(4).