Trustworthy AI: From Theory to Practice

Trustworthy AI: From Theory to Practice



This comprehensive book covers the concept of trustworthy AI, which is an essential paradigm in today's AI-based system. It is designed for developers, researchers, and end-users seeking a deep understanding of how AI systems are ethical, reliable, and equitable. The book begins by addressing the principles of trustworthy AI and their importance in high-risk applications like healthcare, finance, autonomous vehicles, and law.
The core of this book is an exploration of the six principles of trustworthy AI, i.e. reliability, transparency, fairness, accountability, inclusiveness, privacy, and security. Each principle is thoroughly examined, demonstrating how they interact with AI systems to make them more efficient, and robust but also ethical, and equitable.

This book explores the concept of transparency in depth, highlighting the necessity for AI systems to be understandable and accessible to all stakeholders. Fairness is examined as a critical aspect, focusing on designing and deploying AI systems that mitigate biases and offer equitable outcomes for all. It also covers AI systems' accountability, inclusiveness, privacy, and security. It is a big challenge to develop AI technologies that are advanced in capabilities and uphold the highest ethical standards, building trust among users and stakeholders.

This book is written for anyone involved in AI development, deployment, and testing. It provides theoretical knowledge along with practical guidance. It serves as a comprehensive guide to transforming AI from a powerful tool into a force for good, aligning with human values and principles of fairness and transparency. As a result, readers will gain the knowledge and skill to create effective strategies for trustworthy AI, which is not just technologically advanced but also ethically and socially responsible. [From]

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Trustworthy AI: From Theory to Practice