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2019 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Tampa, FL, June 15-19, 2019


This project is a continuation in efforts to upgrade the curricula in microcontroller related courses that are facing difficulties in the disappearing and lack technical supports in hardware and software of 68XXX and 80XXX microcontrollers. Through the study of a NSF supported project "Transform the Innovated Design and Development of an Embedded Design Training System and Associated Support Curricula into a Commercial Available Product" that interviewed 130 faculty/teachers/students across the U.S. has revealed on finding newly available microcontrollers is an urgent issue in the academic communities. Based on the supports on hardware and software and function libraries, the TI ARM M4 core is the choice for the join efforts in the new curriculum development and assessment between Old Dominion University, Farmingdale State College, Prairie View A&M University, and Ohio Northern University within the programs of CET, ECE, EET, and Tech Studies. The efforts were also a direct response to the industries suggestions and the needs of 32 bits ARM microcontroller’s skills from engineer and technology programs graduates to fill the job markets. This article presents a study and comparison that introduce a concept of collaborated efforts among different institutions and programs can work together to develop the comprehensive ARM curricula that fit the industry’s needs. These curricula development efforts are not only aim at on-campus face-to-face teaching and learning but also distance hands-on learning through delivering course modules using both synchronous and asynchronous. The assessment of this jointed efforts are part of the studies. Engineering and technology programs focus on both "hands-on and mind-on" design work and this article demonstrates the collaborated efforts in advanced curriculum development in the ARM microcontroller which is the key ingredient for success. Through the development efforts and online Learning Management System (LMS) designs that make the distance collaboration, delivery, and cyber-enabled learning possible. These efforts not only benefit the interested faculty/teachers in better teaching and learning, but also support the students who can learn more advanced technical concepts that are needed for emerging high-tech job skills.

Highlights of the presentation will address the following:

• Research and development of the virtual classrooms and open source service server. • Design and development of the supported material. • Implementation strategies and planning for the distance hands-on approach. • Assessment of the teaching and learning. • Recommendations of potential adoption of the development. • Continuous improvement of teaching and learning in academic community.


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Tampa, FL., June 15-19, 2019.

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Hsiung, S. C., Xu, L., Jao, F., Wang, Y., & Cui, S. (2019). Continued efforts in TI ARM M4 microcontroller curricula developments and assessments between three different institutions and programs. Paper presented at the 2019 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Tampa, Florida., June 15-19, 2019.