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2019 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Tampa, Florida, June 15-19, 2019


The Microcontrollers/microelectronics have been used in variety of engineering applications on complex and efficient operations. One of the challenges in applying existing microelectronic technologies to these engineering systems lies in the need of modular portability, scalability, customizability, and compatibility. This paper focuses on addressing such challenges by designing a portable sensing platform that integrates a Lidar with USB interface and TI ARM M4 microcontroller. This developed sensing system will serve as an effective teaching platform to create new or enhance existing microelectronic courses that allow students to gain hands-on experiences in mobile embedded system designs. Moreover, the customizability and portability of the embedded sensing platform can also be used for the unmanned aerial vehicles in the GPS-denied environments.

Highlights of the presentation will address the following:

• Hardware and software interface design of TI ARM M4 microcontrollers with short range USB based Lidars • Demonstrations of the use of the developed embedded sensing platform for the object identification and obstacle avoidance applications • Recommendations of potential research applications and the curriculum development of the developed sensing platform


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Hu, B., Hsiung, S. C., & Kersey, M. B. (2019). Design a portable sensing platform with a Lidar and TI ARM M4 controller. Paper presented at the 2019 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Tampa, Florida, June 15-19, 2019.