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Virtual learning has been used now for several decades, but it has never had a bigger impact on student learning than in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Universities and schools faced shutdowns all around the world, and teachers had to adapt rapidly to online mode of instruction. Many educators were faced with a triage approach with no previous experience in distance learning, a lack of resources for professional development, and already existing shortages of current educational modules that could assist them in their day-to-day jobs. This gap was especially evident in areas such as career and technical education (CTE) in which there was a gap in the training and educational materials available for K-12 teachers in emerging technology fields such as computer science and cybersecurity. These problems are related to various issues, such as the lack of teacher preparation, constant changes in technology, curriculum and educational framework developments led by the various institutions dictating the nature of education, and moreover, the vast growth in the demand for such instruction, which presents challenges in meeting those growing demands. In this paper, the authors present one curriculum development effort for CTE high school programs focused on computer science and cybersecurity via a grant by the Perkins Innovation Project funded by the U.S. Department of Education and supported by engineering technology, electrical engineering, and industrial technology educators.


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Jovanovic, V., Kuzlu, M., Popescu, O., Katsioloudis, P., Vahala, L., Wu, M., Marshall, D., Crespo, M., & Addison, M. (2022). Digital educational modules development for the career and technical cybersecurity pathways during the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology Interface International Journal, 22(2), 22-34.


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