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Conference Paper

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2023 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition


13 pp.

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2023 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, 25-28 June 2023, Baltimore, Maryland


The Arduino platform has long been an efficient tool in teaching electrical engineering technology, electrical engineering, and computer science concepts in schools and universities and introducing new learners to programming and microcontrollers. Numerous Arduino projects are widely available through the open-source community, and they can help students to have hands-on experience in building circuits and programming electronics with a wide variety of topics that can make learning electrical prototyping fun. The educational fields of electrical engineering and electrical engineering technology need continuous updating to keep up with the continuous evolution of the computer system. Although the traditional Arduino platform has proved to be an effective tool for teaching electrical engineering concepts for many years since its release, another tool has recently been introduced within the open-source community, a virtual simulation software for the Arduino platform that may provide more educational benefits. This paper discusses how the usage of Arduino simulators has the potential to engage K-12 students in a learning experience which can further lead them to computer science, electrical engineering, and electrical engineering technology career pathways. The paper also presents sample Arduino projects showcased through readily available Arduino simulators.


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Kuzlu, M., Jovanovic, V. M., Popescu, O., & Sarp, S. (2023). Development of sensing and programming activities for engineering technology pathways using a virtual Arduino simulation platform [Paper presentation]. 2023 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Baltimore, Maryland.


0000-0002-8719-2353 (Kuzlu), 0000-0002-8626-903X (Jovanovic)