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Conference Paper

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5th IAJC/ISAM Joint International Conference


063 (1-9)

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5th IAJC/ISAM Joint International Conference, November 6-8, 2016, Orlando, Florida


Collaborative robots or CoBots, unlike traditional robots, are safe and flexible enough to work harmoniously with humans. Exploiting the efficiency of automated operations and the flexibility of manual operations in one process can improve productivity and worker job satisfaction. CoBots technology has been experiencing strong growth in different areas such as ground transportation, food-processing industry, car manufacturing, and naval or aeronautical engineering. Current CoBots education and training opportunities are rare or non-existent in university environments. In response to this need, we developed several CoBots modules which will be integrated in the current robotics and mechatronics courses. In this paper we are presenting one common module which will be integrated in both, robotics and mechatronic courses. This module is about modeling and validation of Baxter Collaborative robot kinematics using Matlab tools. Through the validation and visualization of the kinematic equations, students will be able to connect the robotic and mechatronic theory with different applications using the latest technology.


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Djuric, A. M., Jovanovic, V., Goris, T. V., & Popescu, O. (2016). Integrating cobots in engineering technology education. In 5th IAJC/ISAM Joint International Conference (063). International Association of Journals and Conferences.


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