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Today, it is significant that the use of additive manufacturing (AM) has growing in almost every aspect of the daily life. A high number of sectors are adapting and implementing this revolutionary production technology in their domain to increase production volumes, reduce the cost of production, fabricate light weight and complex parts in a short period of time, and respond to the manufacturing needs of customers. It is clear that the AM technologies consume energy to complete the production tasks of each part. Therefore, it is imperative to know the impact of energy efficiency in order to economically and properly use these advancing technologies. This paper provides a holistic review of this important concept from the perspectives of process, materials science, industry, and initiatives. The goal of this research study is to collect and present the latest knowledge blocks related to the energy consumption of AM technologies from a number of recent technical resources. Overall, they are the collection of surveys, observations, experimentations, case studies, content analyses, and archival research studies. The study highlights the current trends and technologies associated with energy efficiency and their influence on the AM community.


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Fidan, I., Naikwadi, V., Alkunte, S., Mishra, R., & Tantawi, K. (2024). Energy efficiency in additive manufacturing: Condensed review. Technologies, 12(2), 1-26, Article 21.