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International Journal of Modern Engineering






10 pp.


This is a design project of an air-filter sensor to be used in home heating and cooling system. The project includes conceptual design, analysis, implementation, tests and modifications. First, the air quality and power consumption between a clean air filter and a dirty air filter is studied. Then, a photo sensor circuit with an ultra high brightness LED emitter and a phototransistor receiver is used to detect dust particles. A red warning LED lights up when a specified amount of dust is collected on the filter and blocks the light beam between the emitter and the receiver. The emitter and receiver are mounted on a simple fixture and can be easily fitted on any air filter. In addition, the cost analysis shows that this design can significantly reduce the electricity bill if the filters are properly replaced.


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Lin, C. Y., Hsiung, S. C., Verma, A. K., & Crossman, G. R. (2004). Design and Analysis of an Air Filter Sensor for a Residential Heating and Cooling System. International Journal of Modern Engineering, 4(2).