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Conference Paper

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2017 ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings



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2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Columbus, Ohio, June 24-28, 2017


Motivating and stimulating students to learn material in required core engineering courses is difficult and yet essential in assuring student success. Traditional methods of teaching and learning need to be reconsidered and modified to meet student expectations and their continuously evolving ways of interaction with technology and social networks. Numerous faculty have been experimenting with various approaches which are taking advantages of both technology and student interaction with technology, with various degrees of success. In this paper authors present another comprehensive method applied in teaching/learning of core engineering mechanics course. It has been observed over a long period of time that Dynamics is one of the more difficult courses in the Mechanical Engineering and Technology programs where students are experiencing certain difficulty in mastering the material. Authors integrated technology into learning experiences in order to stimulate and motivate students to master the material, which proved to be very successful. It has been observed that new approach improved the final scores in the course as well as student satisfaction with this approach of presenting material as well as testing their understanding of the required material. The paper presents results from two years of teaching the course with the current approach, along with lessons learned from this experience.


© 2017 American Society for Engineering Education, ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, Columbus, Ohio, June 24-28, 2017.

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Tomovic, M., Tomovic, C., Jovanovic, V. M., Lin, C. Y., & Yao, N. (2017). Applying technology to improve student learning outcomes in dynamics course. Paper presented at the 2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Columbus, Ohio.


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