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2015 ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings


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2015 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Seattle, Washington, June 14-17, 2015


Engineering design has transformed significantly due to advances in embedded system design and computer technologies. Almost every mechanical design today has some electrical and electronic components. Many products manufactured today contain both electrical and mechanical components and systems. Mechatronics is a design process that is multi-disciplinary in nature and integrates principles of many engineering disciplines including, but not limited to, mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering technology, electrical engineering and electrical engineering technology, and controls engineering. Mechatronic systems can be found in many different places today. These range from computer hard drives and robotic assembly systems, to washing machines, coffee makers, printers, and medical devices, as well as to various advanced manufacturing machines and devices that are numerically controlled, such as additive manufacturing machines, rapid prototyping machines and multi-axis CNC machines. The main purpose for integrating a mechatronics themed activity into a computer-modeling course is to engage students in project-based learning through hands-on activities related to modeling a mechatronic device. Students learn the basics of electromechanical systems, the integration of machine elements (gear reducer) and the basics of actuators (electrical motor), all of which are fundamental to understanding mechatronic systems through activities related to the mechatronic design principles. Hence, engineering design for mechanical engineers and mechanical engineering technologists have to involve embedded multi-disciplinary knowledge with the understanding of both mechanical and electrical systems. This paper will focus on presenting the use of modeling as a vehicle to teaching more complex engineering concepts, such as gears, linkage analysis, animation and the solid modelling course content.


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Jovanovic, V. M., Goris, T. V., Djuric, A. M., Katsioloudis, P. J., Luetke, N. J., Moustafa, M. R., & Matrood, B. (2015). Integration of mechatronics design approach into teaching of modeling practices. Paper presented at the 2015 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Seattle, WA.


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