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2014 ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings


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2014 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Indianapolis, Indiana, June 15-18, 2014


Developing partnerships between high schools, community colleges and universities is critical for the successful transitions to a lifelong STEM careers. How do you develop these partnerships? The sharing of a technology platform such as autonomous vehicles can bridge the gap by using a common core group of materials. Collaborations between teachers and faculty indifferent schools that share common interests in teaching control systems and robotics technology can be an excellent start. The university as catalyst in the process by designing the curriculum, system hardware and software then through the common interest deploying them in the high schools and community college. The community college using the advanced manufacturing tools at their disposal to manufacture these systems. In the days of limited budgets and the need for a platform that spark the interest of the middle to high school students that can be used in advanced studies beyond high school. Collaborating and implementing the common core platform allows all involved institutions reduce teaching redundancy and assist interested students in easier transition into STEM related majors. Reducing the time spent in helping students up to speed will enhance the instruction on the needed technical knowledge that can bring the path to the STEM related career. This project provides useful tools that make teaching and learning of complex control and robotics subjects appealing and it can also easily be accepted in Autonomous Vehicle designs and applications. This collaborate process can be used in any applicable form to fit in different school, curriculum, course, and club activates. The training platform and teaching modules are what make the system so appealing to the partners, the common core can be used at all levels of the instruction that can fit at different stage of the teaching and learning objectives. The implementation plans and results are presented in the following topics:• Design and development of a project based mobile vehicle platform through a collaborate effort.• Collaborate between teachers/faculty in different schools to share common interests.• Implement an application project to attract potential student in STEM majors.• Join efforts in sharing and teaching in different classroom with different audiences/students.• Assess the effectiveness of the collaborate efforts.• Recommendations technical content learning in different schools.


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Stout, T. B., & Hsiung, S. C. (2014). Collaborated process with a wireless autonomous vehicle at its center. Paper presented at the 2014 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Indianapolis, Indiana.